Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Why I Just Love the Right

Over here, that fucking idiot Dr. Helen talks about the poor and why people are poor. Then her smart commenters chime in. Since all of them have known people who are poor -- or, at least, you know, their sister's cousin had a friend who worked with or used to try to hire poor people, back in the day -- you won't be surprised to find all of them have a perfect understanding of poverty in these United States, and know everything about why people are poor.

It's because they are (a) lazy and (b) like to cheat and (c) feel entitled to live off the rest of the good, hard-working people in America (which is to say Dr. Helen's commenters. Oh, and don't forget they're all fat too. That gets mentioned several times. And they have lots of fat, lazy, cheating children each.

She's responding to this book, which suggests that the poor, far from being idiots in not doing wise things like saving up their spare fifty cents every day to invest in the stock market, or trying to find enough coupons every week to save two dollars in grocery money so they can put that two dollars weekly toward buying health insurace (why can't they earn their way out of poverty? Lazy slobs!) are actually making the best choices within their purview when they invest that extra two bucks they have on ice cream or tequila or a lottery ticket.

Dr. Helen thinks it's a stupid book. Because she knew some poor people once, so she knows what poor people are like, and they aren't either making the best choices they can with what they know at the time -- they're out to get her! They're evil! If they weren't evil they wouldn't be poor! QED!


zelda1 said...

I'm doing a paper on class, language, and children and the more I read the sadder I feel. But I know that the mistreatment of children from poverty happens; after all, I was one of Kathryn's kids.

I hate people who generalize about groups of people. What about all those fucking rich ass holes who have their money off the backs of people in poverty like, oh let's just say, Tysons, Waltons, Hunts, and these are just the local ones.

It bothers the hell out of me to be standing in line at walmart and having a poor girl checking out the customers and in front of me a single or married woman with children will be using food stamps and wic vouchers and the people behind me are rolling their eyes and the check out person, who I mentioned is poor or she wouldn't be working at walmart, will also act rudely towards the woman. It breaks my heart. The one thing people don't understand, poor people cannot get ahead, they just can't. Sorry this is so long but damn, I hate people who talk about poor folks, specially since I'm a poor folk.

delagar said...

That was what make me so angry, reading those comments over there. All of those idiots knew everything about what it was like to be poor, even though none of them had ever BEEN POOR.