Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh, right...

You might have heard, if you've been anywhere near the Right-Wing 'sphere lately, of that "study" showing that single-mothers are responsible for our looming national debt.

Oh, yes, oh, right, it's those slutty women who think they're too good to submit to a man: they're the problem. Not, oh, a stupid useless war that some stupid useless git got us embroiled in.

Okay then.

Anyway, over at PAB, Lisa chews up this "study" (I call it so since, as it was sponsered by the Wingnut Welfare Machine, I don't reckon they actually studied much).

Lisa also points out another study, an actual one, showing that, why yes, single women with kids do tend to have a higher poverty level; and hey! Get this! Women with kids in general, married or not, tend to have a higher poverty level; and Wow! Who would have guessed it? There's a way to fix this!

And it's not marrying the sluts off so that some guy can support them (as if).

It's education. Who would have thought?

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tonks said...

In Missouri a single woman with two children can only make something like $300 a month to qualify for assistance. I can barely grocery shop for $200 a week. Why is welfare a drain on our economy? Because some people would be completely fucked if they weren't horribly poor. Then Wingers bitch about paying for "lazy" non-workers...what else are they supposed to do?