Friday, April 18, 2008

Money Money Money

If you're like the delagar household, you've noticed that things which used to cost, at your local Harps, two bucks or a two-fifty, like a box of Triscuits or a dozen eggs or a gallon of milk, now -- yikes, when did this happen? -- cost three-fifty, three-ninety-five. And let's not get into meat! We bought chickens for Passover last night. Remember when chicken was cheap? Nearly eight dollars each for the chickens we paid.

So what's up with the food prices? I've been blaming Bush, because, you know, I hate him.

Also he started that stupid war which has helped to make gas prices, what are they in your area now? Here they're 3.40 a gallon, and diesel even higher, and I reckoned that had to be doing something to the cost of food.

But maybe it's more complex.

See this post at Crooked Timber.


zelda1 said...

I hate the way prices keep going up. Gas is so expensive that I've taken to taking the bus. Buying groceries is a joke. Three dollars for a loaf of bread. They are giving money back but allowing the stores to raise their prices so they are damned sure that they are gonna get theirs. Man, I wish I could live on gruel.

delagar said...

Did I ever post my recipe for chicken gruel on this blog? You boil chicken parts (I used to use a whole chicken when they were cheap, but you could use legs or that) in with whatever you've got around -- celery or carrots or whatall -- and salt and pepper. Then take out the chicken, debone, strain the broth, and cook the chicken in the broth with a bunch (2-3 cups, depending on how much broth you have)of brown rice for about an hour. Mmm! If you're a poor graduate student you can eat this all week. Mix in more carrots and celery and onions if you're rich that week.

zelda1 said...

Your gruel sounds like my stuff. I call it chicken stuff. It last forever and is quite filling.