Monday, March 12, 2007

Woman's History Month Part II

Here we are again: Twisty this time. I love my Twisty.

Here she is writing on the trouble with talking about the misogynistic nature of our fucked patriarchal culture -- well, the trouble with talking about it when men are about, which is that men get angry when women do that. (And you know we can't do things that get men angry. That's not allowed, annoying the fellas.)

...Outraged dudes get their backs up and make with the “I for one don’t hate women you are wrong you must have been abused as a child you stupid cunt” argument. Women in relationships with men assume a defensive posture; perceiving that I have impugned the integrity of the doted-on patriarch, they loyally wish to enlighten me as to their husband/boyfriend’s sterlingness (”he does the laundry!”), an exception who surely disproves the rule.

Read the comments, too, of course. Comments always worth it at Twisty's blog.

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Anonymous said...

I won't let my husband do my laundry, but he can do his own laundry. All of his shirts coordinate happily with all of his pants and they all go in the washer and the dryer without complaint. He owns 2 pair of shoes (sandals and slip-ons). He cuts his own wavy hair, which has naturally silvered very nicely. He's ready for work in 5 minutes, so he has plenty of time to read the paper, make his breakfast, play with the cats, and see what's on CNN before he leaves the house. I won't bother comparing and contrasting what it takes to get myself out the door in the morning, without breakfast, paper, kitty play, or CNN, but in more than twice the time. You know what I mean. Fortunately, he's sweet and lovable and he likes being married to an intelligent woman. He's so good to me that I have to forgive him for having it so easy. He cleans the cat boxes without complaint. That makes up for a lot. I'm not crazy enough to think that he disproves the patriarchy in any way though. Come on!