Monday, March 05, 2007

Twisty, Yay!

In case you're not up on the blogstorm, Twisty Faster has done it again. (Don't I love my Twisty!)

My links aren't working (again), but head on over to I Blame The Patriarchy, and Pandagon, not to mention Sadly, No, where things ARE popping. It started with Coulter/Faggot brouhaha, but some otherwise apparently decent enough fellas who can't help it (they fellas) got offended because Twisty noted they were pushing the misogyny, ain't they, not *by* calling out Coulter, but in the *way* they were calling out Coulter (basically, attacking her for being an ugly old woman who isn't fuckable enough), and instead of stepping back and saying, yikes, you're right, that *wasn't* very progressive of us, we *are* supposed to be liberals, our bad, they attacked Twisty and her crew for being such mouthy bitches. Who did they think they were, speaking up to their betters that way?

Ain't we got fun now?

Go see.

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Bardiac said...

Twisty just rocks! Sometimes, she totally cracks me up, but she always gets me to think, too.