Friday, March 16, 2007

Breeding For Jesus

Here's an article in the Nation on that "Quiverfull" movement, those white guys who are having six and seven and ten kids per family to outbreed the darkies over there in the mideast (not to mention the darkies in Mexico and those up in Chicago and N-e-ew York!) and because, of course, God told them to. Like those writing Conservapedia, these folk believe that Jesus made America to be the bestest country in the world, and we have the specialist destiny, and so therefore we need to triumph, and so -- so-- so, well, among other things, so women have to stay home and submit to their fellas and not use any birth control. (Women who use birth control, any sort, are whores, you will be pleased to learn.) God owns your body. He will decide what to do with it. Ten babies? Twenty? Get breeding, bitch!

They are equally ignorant, btw, I was pleased to learn, on the subject of why Rome fell:

[A Quiverfull woman] recounts the "seven stages of decline of the Roman Empire" as illustration: from men failing to lead their families to God, through adultery, divorce, homosexuality, barrenness, atheism and then, in the end, an invasion of barbarians from abroad.

Right. Nothing to do with the corrupting ruling class sacking and pillaging the state (and every other state they came across), stripping away what resources their shrinking middle and working classes still held, and murdering one another like the vicious thugs they were. Nah. It's cause they were faggots and they slept around and used birth control -- probably because they let their bitches own property, too, no doubt. That's the ticket!


Cynthia said...

But if God is all powerful, couldn't he just make sure our whorish birth control didn't work?

Ah, the gaps in logic...

Deep Thought said...

Please, you claim to hate ignorance. While the writer of that piece claims that Quiverfull types have racist motivations, there is no evidence of this. The founding family of, for example, is a mixed-race family and many families in the Quiverfull movement are not White.

delagar said...

I suggest you do more research, deep thought. It's probably true that some members of Quiverfull don't have as their motive outbreeding the brownfolk and/or the foreigners, but many others state that as an explicit motive. Go look around on their sites.