Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And this here too

Pam Spaulding makes more fine points on Coulter here:


This one is still irking me because I've been scouting the rightwing wonkospehere, and more and more of that side is supporting Coulter's comment.

Here, for instance, at Whirled Views --


And that site's early post on Coulter


Read the comments. A few posters seem to think it's not so good to insult gay folk, but most are fine with it, and those that do have a problem with calling a fag a fag, well, their issue isn't that Coulter was wrong, per se, it's in how the evil liberals are able to take advantage of this fumble. (You know how evil we liberals are -- always looking for a chance to make good Christians like Ann look bad!)

From what I can tell, as much time as I've been able to stomach on the Right, this is, in fact, how they are reacting to Coulter's comment. Not that she ought not to say it, and heavens not that she ought not (or they ought not) to actually think that way -- but that it surely is a shame that Good American Christians have to watch their mouths so close these days, thanks to those PC Liebral Language police! Now in't it?

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