Monday, April 15, 2019


While the cathedral was still burning, while most of us were filled with shock and grief, those on the Right began their old attempts to gin up a holy war.

Over at Rod Dreher's hate-blog, he hinted that the fire might have been caused by terrorism. Of course, his readership took that hint and ran.

More than one has suggested that no matter what anyone says -- even if those on the scene report (as they are reporting) that the fire was caused by a construction accident, "we" should not believe "them." They want an excuse to hate immigrants.

No, let's be blunt. They want an excuse to kill immigrants.

And others are nearly as bad. This fire is a "sign," it means something about the "end" of Christianity.

Oh my God.

This is why it's important to understand logic and reason. This is why you have to be so careful with your sources. If you're getting your information from uneducated potatoes or hate-mongers like Dreher and Fox News, I'm sure this accident being a "sign" sounds very reasonable.

Honestly, I wanted one minute to sit and grieve the loss of all that art and beauty. Instead I had to be smacked in the face with hate and bullshit, yet again.

It's not the end of Christianity. It's a deluge of willful ignorance, swamping my beloved country.

Our leader chips in:

A museum.

Earlier, he gave advice to Parisian firemen -- why didn't they fly over the cathedral and "waterbomb" it?

Securite Civile claps back:

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