Saturday, April 20, 2019

Chag Sameach

Last night was our Seder. Theoretically, tonight should be the second Seder, but we've never done that.

Uncle Charger and the Kid's roommate, Clover, came down to celebrate with us. Despite the somewhat grim nature of the Passover holiday, which is about remembering that Jews were slaves in Egypt, and celebrating their escape from that slavery, it's always been one of my favorites of the holiday.

I think Rosh Hashanah is my favorite, and then Passover, and then Hanukkah. We almost never celebrate Purim, or that might be one of my favorites as well.

The Seder, though, with its set form and yearly rituals (one of the questions our Haggadah asks, for instance, is for everyone to tell how their ancestors came to America -- retelling these stories each year, with new stories as new people join our table, this is very comforting), and the fairly terrible food (the food of affliction), it makes me happy every year.

This year the food was

  • a roast chicken and 
  • grilled asparagus
  • Matzo ball soup (all of these were excellent) 
  • potato kugel (okay) 
  • brownies of afflication (brownies made with matzo-based cake flour)
  • gefilte fish (I am not a fan)
  • also KFP wine, which Uncle Charger brought, and which was excellent -- wine from Israel, instead of the grape-jelly-flavored KFP wine which is all that is available here in the fort.

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