Saturday, April 06, 2019

A List

These are the Household Chores, in the order of I Hates Them to I Don't Minds Them To I Likes Them Well Enough

1. Cleaning the Bathroom (duh, who likes this one)
2. Cleaning the cat boxes
3. Vacuuming
4. Putting away laundry
5. Mowing the lawn/raking the leaves
6. Taking the car to get its oil changed
7. Scrubbing pots and pans
8. Scrubbing the kitchen floor
9. Scrubbing the stove and counters in the kitchen
10. Unloading the dishwasher
11. Loading the dishwasher
12. Doing the laundry
13. Cooking
14. Buying groceries
15. Taking the dog for his walk

What I really like to do, as all y'all know, is sit in my chair and read SF fiction novels, also write science fiction novels, also drink coffee. Anything that interferes with that is an irritant and an annoyance. But some things are less annoying than others.

For instance, I just made soda bread with rum-soaked raisins in it. Because a writer's gotta eat, after all.


Bev said...

I agree with a lot of these, although I kind of hate grocery shopping. I've never understood why unloading the dishwasher seems so much more onerous than loading it, but so it is.

delagar said...

I think it's because it's so finicky? Everything goes in some different place, and it's got to be in that place, like the eating spoons here, and the wooden spoons there, and the small glasses there, and the big bowls there, and jeez, just kill me now.

It doesn't even take that long. I can unload the entire dishwasher while I'm waiting for my coffee to finish dripping through the machine. It's just so *tedious*.

In other news, my rum-raisin soda bread turned out amazing.