Monday, June 01, 2015

Summer School

First day of Summer I here at Chez delagar.  I'm teaching Comp II -- you can follow along, if you like, however sporadically, on drdelagar teaches English.  (Fair Warning -- Comp II is not at all that fascinating.)

This is also Dr. Skull's last day of teaching in the public schools.  Yay for us, since that means we won't have to split our single car between us; but less good -- his paycheck stops.

And I was right in my surmise that I will only have one class this summer, which means much less summer pay this year.  Not so good. (In former years, I have taught three or four classes during the summer sessions.)  It does mean more time off; that part will be nice.  It also means a big hit to our budget.  Less nice.

Better news: it has finally stopped raining, at least for now, here in the Fort.  Everything has begun to bloom madly, in the brief sunshine: lilies and daffodils, Queen Anne's Lace, magnolias, catalpa trees, something lovely and purple by the roadside whose name I don't know, big fat white flowers in my yard -- you would think I would know the names of these at least, but sadly no.

This is one thing I do love about Arkansas in the spring: so gaudy.

Your catalpa tree in bloom (above).

Which always makes me think of April Inventory, by W. D. Snodgrass.

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Maybe you could pick up some freelance writing opportunities? Or maybe I read too many personal finance blogs and it's not really worth it. :/