Monday, June 22, 2015

Insomnia and Other News

Our Little Lives 

Lately I'm not sleeping -- or, well, I'm sleeping oddly.

For instance, I go to bed at two a.m. and wake at six.  Or, last night, I went to bed at six and woke at one a.m.  I spoke to my (former) physician about this.  She said, "Try warm milk!" which is the sort of advice she did give. She did not believe in medical solutions for anything.  Exercise and a better diet would fix every evil there was.

Our insurance has recently changed, which necessitated a change in medical facilities, so I am back with the doctor I loved, who left our facility some six or eight years ago.  Maybe I'll ask her about this sleep weirdness.

The Right Haircut, the Right Tattoos

Thursday the kid and I went and cut off all of our hair.  This was not such an issue for me, since I cut off all of mine every six months or so; but she's been growing hers out for a few years now, and it was very long.

"A Pixie cut," she said firmly to the stylist, having looked up the words to say.

"Let me show you some cuts," the young woman said kindly.  "You show me what you want."  She pulled out her Smart Phone and scrolled through.

"Yes, that one," the kid said.  And she looks so adorable. A perfect haircut.

Mine is okay.  They never cut my bangs short enough.  I say, every time, "I want no bangs at all," but they never, ever believe me.

"How's that?" they say, and I say, "Can you make the bangs shorter? I really want no bangs at all."

"Hmm," they say.  "Well, let me make them shorter."

Finally I just give in.


Birds in the Chimney, Opossums in the Attic

The last bad storm here blew our chimney cap off, plus the landlord still hasn't fixed the hole the eaves. Thus, we have chimney swifts nesting in our chimney, and an opossum that is raising her young'uns in our attic.  It is charming. I am looking into options for trappers to come and trap them.

Every now and then one of the adult chimney swifts will fall down the chimney.  Then we must trap and release it outside.  What with the cats, this is SO EXCITING.

Life in the delagar household these days, y'all.


D Shannon said...

"cut off all of our hair."

[Gets out the red pen.]

This phrase is inconsistent with obtaining either a pixie cut or bangs. Technically, getting all of the hair cut off is known as the Telly Savalas look.

delagar said...

Ha, true story. Cut off most of our hair, I should have said. Or: Cut off a GREAT DEAL of our hair.

I stand corrected.