Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Kid Writes Poetry

Herr Dr. Delagar taught a poetry workshop at the kid's school today, and the kid wrote this poem:


The blackbird soared over the old year's grass
The light glinting off its ebony wings
An orange Arkansas sunset framed the scene
Then, eyes glinting, wings moving,
It flew into the woods like a bird-shaped chunk of night.

(Isn't my baby a genius?)


Julianna said...

Terrific! How old is this kid?

delagar said...

She's eleven.

Julianna said...

She's great. Obviously she got terrific genetic material from her parents and is actively making the most of it.

Anonymous said...


Has she read any Madeleine L'Engle, specifically A Ring of Endless Light? She might enjoy it. The main character is a poet and her writings made me think of some in that book.

delagar said...

We keep trying to get her to read L'Engle, since both mr. delagar and I loved those books when we were kids; but anything we recommend she won't touch. (She's at the contrary age.) So we're just leaving them around the house & hoping, which sometimes works.

tonkelu said...

The Kid is an angel and may not develop pre-teen angst and/or attitude.


I've just kind of rediscovered L'Engle. I read A Ring of Endless Light when I was the Kid's age and loved it. I saw it while wandering through the library last week and re-read it. Now I'm reading the whole Austin Family series and am looking forward to finally reading A Wrinkle in Time.