Saturday, October 10, 2009

But...But...Why Does Norway Hate America?

Over here, Steve at Washington Post (read the comments, too, which are excellent) gives us a post on the conservative reaction to Obama's winning the Nobel Peace Prize, which, among other odd reactions, has been to insist that Reagan should have won it, or that George W. Bush should have won it (oh hell yeah, see because invading that country that was no threat to us and hadn't done a fucken thing see that counts as liberatin them ignorant savage Iraqis see and as for all that collateral damage which it weren't anywheres near 100,000 no matter what that fucken liberal media over there in England claims and them people still gettin shot and blown up over there and the women still gettin raped and all just shut up why do you hate America always talking about the bad things ain't you hear about the schools we painted and George W. LIBERaTED that country!!1!YEAH! course he should get the Nobel Peace Prize ahead a some appeasen N- uh Barry HUSSEIN Obama.)

Reagan of course should get it because he ended the cold war.  And reduced the size of the government.  And Star Wars.  And entered the world into decades of prosperity.

The really bizarre bit is these tools actually believe all of that.  But, as I have said before, they have been raised, all of them, in a culture that trains them to deny reality, to live in a false world, one their preachers and daddies tell them exists, not the one that is actually all around them, so it's not really all that bizarre, I suppose.

I keep having to struggle with it, just the same.

(While you're over at WP, see also this, which has been cracking me up all week.  Conservapedia Christians get funnier and funnier -- though, as Livia in comments notes, it's an uneasy kind of funny, considering how dangerous some of them also are, with their habit of shooting doctors and blowing up federal buildings and so forth.)

(Here's Fred on the Conservapedia Christian's translation project.  I love Slavktivist so much, mainly & especially for posts like this one, though his snark on the Left Behind books is also delicious.)

(Title of post corrected b/c, having been educated in Louisiana, I am an idiot.)


Bardiac said...

(pssst, Norway. Nobel thought Sweden wasn't doing a good enough job on peace to get to award the prize or something...)

delagar said...

Oops. TNX.