Saturday, January 05, 2008

Weather, Whining

It was 70 degrees again here today, on the sixth of January.

Have I mentioned I hate heat?

I hate heat.

Monday we're back at school, me and the kid. The last two days of break, I couldn't get decent weather?

On the plus side, the kid has discovered paper airplanes (I am downloading and printing templates off the web for her -- remember when we learned how to make paper airplanes from our fellow students in 4th grade?) -- she is entirely and happily occupied.

And only slightly pestery (I can't fold it this way! Look, what does this mean? Hey! Look at it fly!)


Bardiac said...

I would trade your weather for what ours has been in an instant!

delagar said...

Have you got snow? I WANT!

Anonymous said...

It's way effing cold here with the weather guy announcing the arrival of "arctic air." Come on up, I'll fix you hot chocolate after your digits get good and frost bitten. Hate the cold. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.