Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why I Hate The Patriarchy

So there's a new kid at the Montessori school, in the lower school, just younger than my kid.

"I thought he was going to be okay," the kid told me dolefully last night. "But then, at recess, he told me boys are smarter than girls."

"What did you tell him?" I asked.

"I told him they weren't. But Houston said he was right."

Houston is a punk and a thug. We do not like Houston.

"Houston!" I said. "Hmpf! Did you tell them they were both patriarchy-oppressed trolls?"

"No," she admitted. "I would have gotten in trouble for calling names."


"It's not true, is it?" she asked. "Boys aren't really smarter than girls?"


Anonymous said...

Houston is a patriarchy-oppressed troll like no other. When telling his father about the situation I handled the other evening, he said, "Oh man. He didn't know he'd met up with the Uber-bitch!"

A. Just because I have a vagina and I'm not going to back down from some big moron who wants to get in my face in a public parking lot, I'm now the ultimate bitch?

2. Have you met his wife?

Tell the kid, I don't like him either, because he is a punk and a thug, but really, old Houston is doing the best he can, considering where he comes from.

zelda1 said...

Oh how well I remember those years of my daughter getting in trouble for smacking or calling names to boys who said those types of things like boys are smarter boys can run faster boys can do this or that. While it hurts now, trust me, it will get worse as some boys try to oppress the smarter girls who do not conform to the roles that these pigs thing girls should conform to. But our little girl has the intelligence and self confidence to either put them in their places or walk away unscathed.

CB said...

No one equiped with that kind of ignorance or idiocy (I can't decide which, perhaps both) should be allowed to use Uber in any form.

I think we should drown this patriarchy-oppressed troll in tomato sauce...

okay, maybe that's a little extreme.

Nevertheless, I don't like those little trolls either.

Anonymous said...

As a mom it would tick me off that a kid can say something hateful to my daughter but if she were to retort with "patriarchy-oppressed troll" she would get in trouble for name calling. Isn't saying boys are smarter than girls the same as saying girls are stupid? Shame on the parents. Shame on the principal. Shame on the teachers.