Sunday, January 20, 2008


You know, I am absolutely not for tigers killing people, but what the shit?

You remember that tiger attack in San Fransciso, yes? Well, the kids that got attacked, apparently they had been "taunting" the tiger who attacked them. Further, apparently this tiger had been taunted frequently by the zoo visitors in the past. Apparently, it's *common* for zoo visitors to mock, taunt, and THROW ROCKS at tigers and another animals in zoos.

Can I just say my fucking shit?

Not that I think it's cool or dandy that this tiger then killed this boy and mauled his buddies, but shit.

As Paul Thereux said, "The Ape is cruel because when I pinch him he bites me."

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zelda1 said...

Really, while I am not for taunting animals of any kind, even republicans, where the fuck were those people who are supposed to be keeping the animals safe? Were they all on break? Put an animal on display and just what, leave it to be at the mercy of all? I know, I was pissed too.

Anonymous said...

The tiger made an example out of the drunken assholes and, quite frankly, I don't feel too bad for them. The most unfortunate part of this situation is that the tiger was killed. Man, that sounds so evil, but there you have it.

Also, you know that someone saw those guys picking on the tiger long before it pounced. Wonder how the spineless prats are feeling now?

Trina said...

In complete agreement here too... I remember a story several years back about a stupid woman who climbed into a polar bear's enclosure at a zoo. She escaped without injury (undeservedly, I thought), but the bear managed to grab one of her shoes off her foot and carried it around as a trophy for days. Best magazine photo I ever saw was that bear with that idiot's shoe in his mouth.