Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You're Only As Good as Your Sources

Y'all know me. I'm firmly against single-sex education, because separate will not be equal, not on this planet, folks, at least not any time soon. And I'm not believing any conservative who wants to spin me a sweet story about how it will be better, either, honest it will!

But here's the thing: if they really believe single-sex education is better, why are they finding it necessary to lie so ceaselessly in all of their arguments for it?

Every screed put out -- well, the TownHall columns, yes, of course, those are idiocies and lies from beginning to end, what can we expect from an organization that hires Ann Coulter and Thomas Sowell, I give you that -- but even the arguments that are meant to be real arguments, when their sources are tracked down, as Mark Liberman tracks them down for us over there at the Language Log, they are rife with lies.

(See here:

If they had a good system, they could give it to us.

Since they don't, they should shut up.


Mouse said...

blah! and bah!

Diane said...

I always thought single-sex education was a mostly liberal argument. What do I know?

zelda1 said...

Yeah, they had that single-sex education when I was growing up, it went like this, boys took chemistry, girls took home economics; boys took algebra, girls took business math for the home; boys took science, girls took typing. Nothing was ever equal, seperate but equal does not jive. When I signed up for biology and science and advanced math, well I was in the tenth grade and the school councillor tried to talk me out of it, but I kept telling him that I hated sewing, didn't want to cook, and why should the boys get to take the fun classes so finally he relented and let me in the science classes. I was still denied access to the advanced maths and heaven forbid I ask for a chance to take a shop class, not that I wanted to. I look at my friends, we were on the cusp of something better, which came many years later, but they are all washed up from years of factory work, or waitressing, or hairdressing, or nursing, and I realize that we, my group of gals, were so held back. I should already have my PhD, I shouldn't be doing this now, but no one said anything about no stupid college for me, no, they wanted me to be a nurse, go to the hospital and get in the nursing school. My sister's grandchildren are all girls and I tell them all the time they can be what ever they want, and not to listen to anyone who tells them differently. So, when my sister tells them nursing is a good job, I remind them that yes, it's good but being a doctor is so much better. Yeah, I push them for bigger and better. All girls should have that right to the same opportunities as boys and dividing the sexes up, doesn't make it so. Trust me, that's a big step back.