Thursday, August 03, 2006

Here We Go

I'm currently working on the query letter I'm going to send to the agent that I have, after weeks of research, decided is the one to whom I will pitch the quintology. I read her blog. I like her client list -- I had already read half a dozen of the books on it and, except for not being socialist gay science fiction novels, you know, they're very like my work -- she's funny, she's in NY, we're perfect for each other. So I'm putting together the query letter. And I'm sitting writing it and my heart is hammering, I'm queasy, I can barely focus, I'm like, I haven't been this nervous since...good shit. I have never been this nervous.

It's just a query letter. It's not like I haven't done this before. Shit, I've been doing this since I was twenty.

I think it's because these are the first books I've actually cared much about. Man, is it going to sting when these get rejected.



Diane said...

I've never done it, and now I can't imagine doing it. About seven years ago, I had an idea for a novel, and I wrote a few chapters and had them looked at by some other writers. They told me to forge on, and I just couldn't do it. I didn't have what it takes. It took too much commitment and concentration, things I don't have in big supply these days.

Still, I sometimes think about the chapters I wrote and about my idea, which I still like. Who knows? Some day, I may drag it out again. Right now would be a good time, since it is partly about a hurricane.

But good for you! I know how difficult it must be. Good luck with it.

Trina said...

What I hate is the other, usually oft-rejected, writers who say "Don't take it personally" when you get rejected. How can you not, especially when it's a project you really care about? It's like saying, "Don't take it personally, but your kid's really ugly."

Anyway, good luck. I've self-published my series after being rejected umpteen times, but I'm hoping to pitch the next one to a "real" publisher whenever it gets finished.