Monday, August 14, 2006

More Fine Christian Values

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Here's why you don't hit kids. Here's why you don't ever hit kids. Here's why you don't buy into the worldview that says "these kids just need a good whuppin" to teach them how to act. Here. This is why.

Because it's a straight fucking road to this:

"A 13-year-old cadet at a private military academy who died while camping at a state park refused food throughout the excursion, the father of two fellow cadets said Sunday.

Victor Jusino of Sunrise said his sons, ages 9 and 10, told him the boy continuously threw away food after the 33 cadets arrived early Wednesday at the Back to Basics Christian Military Academy’s Training and Leadership Corps campout.

“They described to me that he wasn’t eating. He wasn’t feeling well. His stomach was hurting him and the heat was getting to him,” Jusino said.

Other cadets gave similar accounts to WFOR-TV in Miami.

“He wasn’t eating any food,” 12-year-old Joanna Miller said. “He would ask people if they want his food or he would just throw it on the ground. When he was supposed to drink water, he didn’t want to.”

Few details released
The academy’s principal, Lynda Browne, did not return messages left at the school Sunday. North Miami police have released few details about their investigation into the death at Oleta State Park. An autopsy is pending.

Jusino said his sons told him they were given three meals a day after starting each morning with a long hike. But the boys were dehydrated, sunburned and had insect bites when he picked them up Saturday morning, he said.

“They were very dirty, their clothing was wet. They had been sleeping in wet clothes, and their hair had been cut,” Jusino said.

The cadet, whose name has not been released, got out of bed in the middle of the night to tell a drill sergeant he didn’t feel well, and collapsed on the way to the bathroom, Browne told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. She said the boy’s mother told her that her son “wasn’t the most physical, strong or athletic child,” the paper reported.

The academy subcontracts with Fort Lauderdale-based Juvenile Military Training and Leadership Corp. The camp is run by certified National Guard drill sergeants, Browne told the paper.

In January, a 14-year-old boy died after a confrontation with guards at a Panama City boot camp for juvenile offenders operated by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. Martin Lee Anderson died one day after being roughed up by guards."

Okay. Call me a far-left liberal socialist loon -- because that's what I am -- but there is NO REASON ON THIS PLANET that a 14 year old needs to be "roughed up" by "guards" for ANY REASON whatsoever, and I don't care what his offense was and I don't care what he did.

These people.

This world.


Leroy said...

I am appalled. I was a Non-Commissioned Officer and soldier in the Army for 13 years. And a Sergeant's primary concern is the health and welfare of the troops. With juveniles that means constant and careful monitoring of the kids wellbeing. These "Drill Sergeants" committed the worst failure possible and no punishment will ever bring that boy back. Any Drill Sergeant worth his salt knows his troops and their limits. They should loose their positions and be separated from the Army.

zelda1 said...

Okay, here it is, murder, loose their positions my ass, they should be tried for murder. Okay, why do people send their children to these camps? Why? I can not imagine one person that I know who would wake up one day and say, I'm a gonna send my kid to a camp to get made tougher, you betcha, gonna make a man out my 13 year old son, he'll be a real asset to the community when they get finished with him. Bet your ass. What were they thinking?

letting go said...

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