Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Heat Stays On

105 degrees today. 105 tomorrow. When I walk the two hundred yards or so from my car to my office each afternoon, the skin on my face feels as though it's burnt -- as though I have first degree burns, flash burns. I find it difficult to breathe, and have to walk slowly, and seek shade.

At night, even though we have had the AC on all day, it is still hot in our house -- the AC can't handle this sort of heat -- until well past midnight. We lie on the bed, sheetless, whining. It's too hot to sleep. It's too hot to live in a world like this.

It's supposed to be cooler on Saturday. Down in the mid-nineties. Hah. I can't believe that sounds cool to me.


zelda1 said...

I have to leave the apartment for a while and I am so dreading it. I know that my breathing is going to be wheezy and difficult. This heat is killing me. Last year, it wasn't as hot, no, nor the summer before, but the one before that, it got up to 115, I remember it well. The gods better compensate us for all this heat by giving us a really long and cold winter with lots of ice and snow. I'm wanting snow from December until the end of Feb. Yes, to pay back for this sufferering that we are having to endure, here in fucking Arkansas, where it isn't supposed to be so damned hot.

CB said...

the weather conditions in Arkansas are changing; it's like we're getting florida type weather without the water to go along with.

Diane said...

My friend in Dallas says it was 107 there yesterday! Here, it is in the low- to mid-90s (normal) every day, except when there is rain; then it is in the mid-80s.