Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Christian Worldview

Over there at the Weekly World Whacks, Mr. Joe Carter quotes himself -- from the interview he did on NPR -- as saying this, about Bush's Stem Cell research ban, and why that ban was a splendid thing, and why, I'm guessing, even tiny little blastocytes are, too, babies:

"No husband, on finding that his wife is newly pregnant, brags, 'She's having my fetus!'"


He thinks this is the soul of wit and wisdom. So much so that he couldn't wait to quote himself on his site. So do tons of his readers.

I'm trying to count the number of ways I disagree with him. I'm up to about six so far.

How many can you get?


A White Bear said...

Put this man on Possessive Pronoun Watch!

I'm fairly sure, according to this statement and all the things recently said about little frozen embryos, that most right-wing sexist Christians were taught homunculus theory. Sure, they love to wear pins that depict those teeny tiny little early fetus-feet, but why don't they ever wear pins representing their adorable little fishy heads and gills?

zelda1 said...

Now you know, you ought to be thankful that your mama didn't abort you. HAHA. No, really, if she had then her abusiveness would not have made me nuts, her boyfriend would not have raped me, and then I would not have had to suffer the abuse of older sibblings because she, my mother, was either at work or running the streets. Okay, yep, my life sucked and now I'm crazy and maybe a little abortion would have been in order, my god, she had ten fucking kids, can you see us at the dinner table and those commodoties they passed out every month, well, that was basically it, besides a few hand outs from relatives. I never wore shoes to school until cold weather. Yeah, hip hip and all of that shit for no abortions back in the day.

zelda1 said...

And besides, if my mom would have gotten a few abortions, shit, I wouldn't have such a fucked up family, at least some of them or me would not have existed, I'm hoping that the three older and one younger sister. Yep, flush their asses right down the toilet. Yep, that's what I am saying.