Saturday, July 15, 2006

Burka Barbie

Yeah, okay.

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zelda1 said...

Okay, get rid of all Barbies, that's my thinking, but yeah, who needs a little girl growing up thinking it's okay to live in a prison, but hey, isn't that what we do when we let little girls play with those unrealistic dolls, make them a prisoner of fashion, a prisoner of unattainable perfection, and make them a prisoner of sexual something or another with those pointy boobs? I bought my daughter Barbies and my son took his he men and put their heads on her Barbies, argh, that created a scene for days. But, she never really played with her Barbies, she had a big bear she related to and her dolls, the ones my son didn't destroy, lived in their boxes until one day she decided to give them to a little girl who lose all her toys in a fire. Go figure. But some little girls are really into the Barbie and the other fashion dolls and their parents let them see these dolls as perfection and are not balanced at all about it. I'm shutting up now.