Saturday, July 29, 2006


My power bill arrived -- $298 dollars.

(I'm not even mentioning what we pad for gas last month -- but gasoline is $2.89 a gallon here these days.)

mr. delagar blames me. "It's because you want it so cold in here all the time!"

I point out global warming is hardly *my* fault, and he was the one whining it was too hot to sleep all month.

Meanwhile I have turned into my father: every time the kid or mr. delagar opens a door I holler at them to shut it. "Do you think we can afford to air condition the backyard, well, we can't!"

It was a hundred and four here again yesterday. Hundred degree today. Hundred and one tomorrow. Man, have I had my bait of this.


zelda1 said...

Ours is 250 and we do aircondition the patio. Yep, I'm guilty so kill me, I say to the asshole. Anyway, it is hot, like 108 or something up here. I am sick, too sick to go out to the park with the asshole and the Baby. I think I may have eaten too much salad. So, I am not eating today, going to try and see if that will make the belly feel better. Man, do I hate those damned cicadas screaching all the fucking time. We already know at 6 am that it is fucking over 80 degrees, they don't have to fucking let us know by that awful sound they make, all million of them at about the same time. If the cool weather doesn't come soon, I am flying to Alaska, fuck this shit.

CB said...

I don't wanna know what ours is.

Our house is bigger than both of your plus at least 70 percent of it is windows.

Yeah, you think it's hard trying to keep yours cool.

Ours is nearly always hot. The ac doesn't kick off very often, not to mention the duct work is not adequate.

Anywho, BAH! to hot weather. I'm ready for winter.