Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All Right Now

It's 102 degrees -- or, as mr. delagar puts it, one hundred and two fucking degrees here in the Fort today.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 104 degrees.

Can I just mention that this is WRONG?

Can I just say Global Warming, loudly, once?

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zelda1 said...

WE took the Baby and the SEven year old grandson to the lake just south of here, or it's more like a small river and is low but still deep enough to climb up on the cliff and jump in and swim. The water was so cool and we played all day, well from morning until just a few minutes ago. It was so cool. I found some river rocks that were worth bringing home and a piece of drift wood. I actually swam to the other side and hung out on a rock's ledge. Then we loaded up and came home and just the walk from the water's edge to the car liked to have killed me in this heat. Why??? I swear the heat waves were moving so fast off the road, I felt like I was driving into the twilight zone. Winter, just a few more weeks. I just have to keep saying that or I will just die. I need to be in Alaska.