Friday, March 01, 2024

What the GOP has Planned

They're not keeping this a secret -- these are the things they plan to do, if they get control of the country back.

(1) Deregulations -- let corporations police themselves

(2) Strip the EPA of power

(3) Increase drilling and fracking

(4) Do everything they can to punish the poor, especially the homeless

(5) Round up immigrants and deport them. (Recently it's been a talking point on the Right that 10% of the population of the USA is "illegal" immigrants. This is so laughable I don't even know what to say. The actual number is more like .03% of the population, but it's pointless to argue. They left facts behind long ago.)

(6) Strip away any regulations surrounding guns. An armed society is a free society, I mean, unless you're a kid cowering under your desk waiting to see if you're the one who gets shot this time. Also, let's put more police officers in schools. That's the hallmark of a free society!

(7) Heavily regulate public school teachers and librarians, up to and including prison time for librarians who allow "children" to access "porn." (By "porn" they mean books that include LGBTQ people, or acknowledge that some families are not the nuclear model, or books about "Critical Race theory," which is to say books that contain actual history, rather than the Klan-version; or books that are simple about black people doing things.)

(8) Make trans people illegal. Not just trans kids, though yes, trans kids too. Trans people.

(9) Make birth control illegal. It's abortion, they've made the case for that, and now that abortion is illegal, birth control is next.

(10) Repeal Marriage Equality. Sure, it's settled law. So was Roe V Wade.

(11) Massively increase tax cuts for the wealthy.

(12) Stop feeding poor kids. Poor adults too, of course, but right now they're taking aim at poor kids.

I'd say Americans won't stand for this, but the past decade has shown most American will stand for almost anything, so long as it lets them feel superior to someone, somewhere. So long as it makes them feel like they're privileged, and better than those people.

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