Thursday, March 11, 2021


It's not even spring yet (officially), and already the weather here has turned hot and humid.

I had to put the AC on last night so we could sleep. On March 10.


On the plus side, the daffodils have started blooming.


Bev said...

We've had temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s this week but I still have to turn on the space heater in my office because it's freezing in here. But daffodils are up here too, although not yet blooming.

nicoleandmaggie said...

We must be a day behind. I spent this morning turning on all the fans in the house. It is MUGGY. If the sun starts shining I have no doubt we'll have to close doors and crank up the a/c.

We saw the first wasp of the season outside yesterday (one of the new red ones taking over). Summer is here. :/

delagar said...

Bev: My office is SO HOT. But then it always is. Winters, the heat is set at about 74, and summers the AC is set at 78. Whyyyy.

N&M: No wasps here yet, but the tiny violets are also blooming!