Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spring in Arkansas

Everything is starting to bloom. The pear trees are filled with blowing white blossoms, and tiny wildflowers carpet lawns. Redbuds are budding. Some sort of tree filled with what looks like purple tulips is everywhere. The violets and the spiderwort are not yet blooming, but the tree in my yard (which I have not yet been able to identify) put out its yellow-white flowers yesterday.

This time of year is lovely -- not too hot, with crisp air and sunlight -- but I always know it means summer is coming, and wow, do I hate summer in Arkansas.

I'll be here now, I guess.


Foscavista said...

Where I live, I can tell it's spring, not by the temperatures or budding plants, but rather by the thick layers of yellow pollen on everything.

delagar said...

Ha! Yes, we'll have that soon, I'm sure.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Post a picture of the yard tree if you can, please! I'd love to see it.

The purple tulip ones may be northern magnolia, which also grows in the south? (

delagar said...

It's very overcast, but I posted some pics!

I think you're right about the purple magnolia.