Monday, March 29, 2021

Transparent Bigotry

 Watching conservatives pretend to care about free speech is adorable, since all of us can remember (and see in action) all the times they "cancelled" people for their speech. Right now, it's Lil Nas X. Twenty years ago, it was the Dixie Chicks.  Out in Idaho right now, the legislature is passing laws defunding the universities if they dare to teach anything which is not conservative propaganda. But sure, some adolescents being mean to people on Twitter, there's the real problem.

Watching conservatives pretend to care about women in sports is similarly adorable, given that most of us can remember how vicious they were (and still are) about Title IX and funding women in sports.

Watching conservatives pretend to care about rape, so long as it gives them an excuse to strip the rights from trans people -- same thing.

Right now, pretending to give a shit about child abuse, my legislature is passing a law which will make it illegal for parents to provide medical care for trans kids; and for trans people of any age to use insurance to get medical care; and will allow all medical providers to refuse to treat trans people at all. 

"It's to protect the children," they declaim piously, these same people who believe beating kids is just good parenting, and that twelve year olds should be compelled to carry their rapists' pregnancies to term. Because they care so much about children. 

They're not fooling anyone with their transparent bigotry. And frankly I don't even think they're trying to. They know exactly what they're doing. (Well, maybe not Rod Dreher. He's about as self-aware as a fucking rock.) They think co-opting the language of social justice ("Are you assuming my vaccination status?" one of them asked on FB this morning) is hilarious.

I find all of this extremely depressing. I used to have hope for this country, but being surrounded by hateful bigots is really taking a toll on me.


nicoleandmaggie said...

Yeah. I wanna move. :(

Jenny F. Scientist said...

I heard an interview with a trans teen and his family this morning on NPR which mentioned that the bill's sponsor has NEVER EVEN TALKED TO a trans child or their family. WHAAAAAAT. Also, what happened to the pious Republican hand wringing about death panels/the government coming between you and your doctor? (I know what happened but still.)

delagar said...

Oh, they don't have to talk to any trans people or their parents. They already know the right answers, because Jesus.

And yes, they're only for small government when it comes to environmental regulations or gun control. When it comes to fucking up the lives of people they hate, they're fine with government overreach.

Bardiac said...

Such hateful politics.

That and the Georgia move to make it much more difficult for some folks to vote.

delagar said...

It's nothing but hate and bigotry, in both cases.