Monday, January 27, 2014

Things I Am Ambivalent About

I've been nominated for an award.

This is a good thing.

But the stacks of paperwork required to support my nomination -- ai.

Also it's supposed to snow here tonight.

Also I got dogged by contentious commentators over at Grounded Parents yesterday.  Theoretically, this is a good thing, since contention brings the page views.  In fact, though -- ai.

Also I am teaching Jane Eyre this week.


Athena Andreadis said...

Overall, ai. However, you always have to compile a mountain of documentation for everything -- an award nomination at least holds promise of a reward (also, more details!!)

Bardiac said...

Congrats on the nomination. I hope the documentation isn't too onerous.

I went and reread your essay and then read the commentary. Holy cow. It strikes me that when someone argues that they're really educated with bad spelling and grammar, the argument is a bit less convincing. (At which point, I should note, that I probably made at least one spelling and grammar error in writing that, because that's how the web goes.)

Anyway, it seems to me that I've read stuff about delaying marriage in developing countries as a way to help women gain education and that women's gains in education contribute far more to their families and communities than men's gains. So, for countries in development, my sense is there's good evidence for your argument. But those people just want to argue, and not productively.

Take care.

delagar said...

Athena -- yes, that is how I am trying to feel about it!

Bardiac: Thanks!

Re the Marriage Post: Yes, that's what I thought too! And thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

(I got married at 22.)

delagar said...

And you're fine, N&M!

delagar said...

But yeah, my point wasn't that early marriages *always* lead to poverty / divorce, though the contentious commenters took it that way.
As I think I said, my parents married at 19 & 21. They're still married & they did well enough financially, so.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commentator ...

In my innocence I was a little shocked by the comments on your post. But of course you are arguing against some strong cultural beliefs and (it must feel to some) people's individual life choices - uppity, judgemental, liberal you! - and that's sure to encourage the outrage.

When we talk to our girls about marriage, babies etc, I misquote the Ally Sheedy character from the Brat Pack classic, St Elmo's Fire: "I need to have something for myself before I can share it with you". You know it, Ally.

We also point out no-one need get married, and there are lots of ways of loving people. In response, my kids have come up with a range of awesome, non-traditional living arrangements. They're not keen on missing out on wearing a big white dress and having a party, tho.

- Kris

delagar said...

Thanks, Kris!

That was pretty much the attitude I was shooting for. Maybe I should have let you write it!

IMO, most people would be better off in awesome, non-traditional relationships, for the most part.

Anonymous said...

I thought you did just fine. :-)

- Kris