Thursday, January 30, 2014

Justified: You're Not Watching?

It's come to my attention that not all of y'all are watching Justified, which -- while in the first season it had kind of a slow start -- has over the past few years become one of the best shows on TV.

Last week's episode had just a great moment where Boyd Crowder (who arguably has become the show's main character) and Tim Gutterson (a favorite of mine) got left to wait in Boyd's bar while Raylan Givens went to check out a lead Boyd had given up.

When we come back, Tim and Boyd are playing Scrabble.

Which is -- it's just perfect.

It's moments like that which make me love this show so much.

Plus now I just can't stop wondering: who was winning?  Because Boyd has a vocabulary that won't quit, and he's a master of strategy.  But Tim reads endlessly, and also he's a sniper, so good at gaming a field.  Yeah.  I just don't know.

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