Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lose Your Phone?

Did y'all know about this site?

Where's My Cellphone?

If you lose your cell phone -- like in your house -- it calls your phone for you and makes it ring so you can find it.

I mean, not that this ever happens to anyone I know personally.

(One of my students told me about it.  Thanks, Solveig!)


Bardiac said...

What a brilliant idea!

delagar said...


My lost cellphone, last night, was under a pile of magazines. I never would have found it!

Anonymous said...

Nice, but I lost my cell phone, it was turned off, and it hadn't been charged in a (long) while. So there is no help for me. We gave up and got our landline back.

The funny thing was when I took a new job this year, the HR person learned I do not have a cell phone, so she asked me if that means unless I am at home or at the office I can't be reached, and I told her yes, that's right. My employer is free to pay for my cell phone if it's so important that I be reachable 24/7. So far, it turns out not to be that important.


delagar said...

Yes, that is a flaw in the system! I lost one that way too (a phone that had not been charged in too long).