Sunday, January 05, 2014

Being Delirious

Everyone here has been laid low by some vicious chest cold the past three days, though it might actually be the flu.

I googled "What's the difference between the flu and a cold?" and got answers that were not that useful.  Apparently with a flu you have a high fever and with a cold you have less of a fever or no fever at all.  Since we don't have a thermometer here in the delagar household, who knows?

Luckily, all the drugs are sold as cold and flu remedies, so I just bought one of each, and we've been doping up and sleeping fifteen or twenty hours a day.

Anyway I have.

I feel better now, except really light-headed and bizarre, probably due to not eating anything except tea and honey since Thursday.  I just made myself some soup, though, we'll see if that helps.

The kid and Dr. Skull are asleep and not coughing spectacularly for once -- it's six minutes to three in the morning -- and the cats are so pleased that someone, anyone is awake that they are running madly back and forth through the house, tackling one another.

How's your new year going?


JrzyGirl said...

Never understood the benefit of those cold remedies that promise not to make you sleepy - the more you sleep when you're sick, the faster you get better!

delagar said...