Monday, November 12, 2012

Love These Short Hours

...short hours of sleep, I mean.

Nearly two o'clock in the morning, Sunday night/Monday morning, depending on how we count these things, and I am just finishing my weekend's work -- prep, writing, grading, and (of course) laundry, cooking, shopping, cleaning.  (I can't get any of that done during the week, since I'm working from dawn until about midnight most days, so everything gets shoved to the weekend.)

It was a great and greatly satisfying weekend, in that I actually did get everything done -- writing, shopping, editing tasks for Menial -- grading and entering those grades, prepping for the week: I am, in fact, for once, caught up entirely.
Plus!  I made excellent pea soup and popovers for dinner tonight, a lovely meal on a suddenly frosty evening

Also!  I have found a new TV series to follow on Hulu: The Thick of It, a "dark comedy," to quote the website, dealing with the foibles of several characters in the British government.  It's very sweary and tons of fun.  I have to keep myself on a strict ration of 2 per day, or I would get nothing else done.

And! I walked the dog and the kid, so that's exercise for today.

If only I didn't have to get up at six tomorrow (I have to be on campus early for our annual health-screeny thing) I might be feeling very pleased with myself now.


Unknown said...

ew, I hate nights like that :( Thankfully, I have meds that make sleeping a lot easier ^_^

Anonymous said...

If you like this TV show, you'll love the movie "In the Loop" which has many of these same characters. It's also on Hulu.

I had to watch it 2-3 times in a row to get enough. --L

delagar said...

I'ma hunt it up, L!