Friday, November 23, 2012

Holidays, holy daze

We had eleven people sit down for dinner today.  This was lovely.  Though tricky, since we only possess nine chairs, and eight knives, and somewhat fewer spoons that that even.  Also only nine dinner plates, and five wine glasses.

But luckily none of our guests are the sort who get twitchy over minor details like being asked to sit on a shoved-up rocking chair or to balance on the arm of an armchair during dinner, or mind drinking their wine from a jelly jar.

And the food was splendid, since Dr. Skull made most of it.  (I made, as my usual contribution, the sweet potato casserole.  Each year I invent a new recipe.  This year's contained a bit of rum and a deal of pineapple juice, and was the best yet I think.  Also Dr. Skull made the marshmallows that went on top himself, from scratch, b/c corn syrup, and they also were the best yet.)

Everyone hung out after, talking movies and politics (we are all liberals except my father who voted libertarian, and we all think Lincoln is an amazing movie, those of us who have seen it do anyway) while we drank the rest of the wine and ate too much pie.

Two kinds of pie, pumpkin and banana cream, plus a chocolate-pumpkin torte.

Now I am drinking ginger ale and rum and watching the cat chase the dog around the living room.  She appears to be enjoying this somewhat more than he is.

Happy post-holiday daze, y'all.

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dorki said...

At our place the bunny chases the cats around (really).