Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here Comes The End of The Semester...

...like a freight train.

I'm not opposed to this semester ending -- it's been a rough one, due partly to my hideous schedule, and partly to the fact that someone in this house has been sick (or injured or recovering or about to damage themselves) I think every single day of the semester.

We might have had a few healthy days.  Though I don't at the moment remember them.

Anyway!  The university is closed for the next three days (Thanksgiving), and then when we return, only one week of classes before the exams begin.  I have graded nearly everything (papers!  Papers to read!  Always papers!) and so can spend the TNX holiday writing and maybe cleaning the house a bit.  We're having 12 people for dinner on Thursday.

Dr. Skull will do the cooking, of course.  He's already begun, in fact: spent most of today and part of yesterday prepping and seething turkey parts, for the turkey broth which will be the foundation of both the turkey gravy and the butternut squash soup.  Also he started the sour for the bread.  And the turkey, which he will Green Egg, is thawing away.

Oh!  I will be cooking something: sweet potato casserole, my specialty.

With the little marshmallows on top, of course!

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