Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yay McCain!

A Racist Tool in Kentucky has hanged Obama in effigy, with a Star of David spray-painted on his head. Though he declines to be interviewed on camera, he says flat-out to the reporters that he has done this because he doesn't want a black guy to be leading his country.

And in school yesterday, as has frequently happened over the past weeks, my daughter had to hear about how Obama wasn't an acceptable candidate because he wasn't a Christian.

She's ten, you know, and she's tough, but she's being driven to the brink: she shouted at the punk who came up with this argument that first, yes, Obama is a Christian, and that second, dude, not everyone in America is a Christian -- for instance, hey, Jew here?

Her friends supported her. They got told not to gang up on the poor punk.

Yes, see, because that's mean. That's persecuting the poor Christians.

We can't have that.


tonkelu said...

Are you serious? Did you talk to the teacher?

delagar said...

I've been fuming all night, trying to decide whether I should or not. I don't want to be the parent who runs to the teacher yelling about how my kid gets picked on...especially since my kid is defending herself really well. OTOH, this teacher is Christian, and a McCain supporter. OTOH, I know she's also my kid's biggest fan. OTOH, she's said some things in class lately I have not liked. OTOH, I've said things in class my students haven't liked -- it's part of the education process, learning to hear POV that aren't your own. OTOH....well, you see my issue.

tonkelu said...

My beef would be that she was being picked on (where were the teachers then?) and when her friends came to her defense, she was reprimanded. And if teachers are offended by the politics of 10-year old kids while spewing their own political beliefs, well, there's something inappropriate about that.

As for your students, they're adults- that' the difference.