Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vouchers? What?

Okay, there were lots of places where McCain had me yelling at the screen last night, since, like many on the Right, he has apparently decided to just start making up his own reality now, but this bit with Vouchers -- They Work!


Go see Steve Benen's Post at the Washington Monthly for a more substantive rebuttal.


tonkelu said...

The jaw dropping moment for me was when he said that the education crisis was the civil rights of the 21st century. What the fuck was that about? Was he serious?

dorki said...

The GOP's efforts to destroy the public school system is still rampant. Yes, vouchers work - to insure that those who are allowed to get them can have education. It is just a matter of "do we want to waste money on the worthless underclass".

As a retired technology professional I can attest to the severe decline of basic education in the successive waves of hirings of my employer. As a nation we have flushed away our greatest asset - that of a well-educated public.