Thursday, October 02, 2008


I just like to look at this.

So much better than in 2004.

Sure, it's sad about Arkansas and Louisiana (my states), but I have resigned myself to living in Fucktown, USA, having lived there all my life, after all (driving around Pork Smith, we still see yard after yard with McCain*Palin signs, and big ole pickups with McCain/Palin signs, I kid you not, in their windshield -- yes, taking up half the front windshield --and letters to the editor still excoriate Obama as lie-bral): but how splendid to see the rest of the country coming to its feet.

Yay us!


Bardiac said...

It almost gives me hope... but my hopes have been crushed before!

tonkelu said...

Maps like this scare me. Quite frankly I don't think Obama supporters can rest on their laurels with 30 days to go until the election. The McCain campaign is coming out swinging with brass knuckles this week and their Winger supporters are eating that shit up like it's candy.

zelda1 said...

Yeah, the newest thing going around, that Obama is the anti christ that he came from the west and is a child of Muslim decent and some other shit. Oh yeah, floated right in my email box from my fucktarded cousin. The one who thinks all women owe it to mankind to stay home, have kids, and be submissive to their masters.

delagar said...

And he loves terrorists. Don't forget how much he loves terrorist.

But he's fighting back.

No, we can't rest; and no, I too care barely hope. It's been such a long run of these bad times. I want my country back.

tonkelu said...

Zelda- We've gotten that one too and it's all but caused a fucking family feud (Mr. Tonks' response was bloody brilliant). It was sent to us by his fucktard aunt who was "embarrassed" and "hurt" by his response. Stupid moron. What she should be embarrassed by is the fact that she sent it out to everyone on her distribution list as though it were fact.


He's got to fight harder, delagar. He's got to quit letting them pull focus from the issues. He needs to push the Keating 5 story because, even though it was years ago, I think it's pretty damn relevant to what's going on today. He just can't let them win.