Friday, July 11, 2008

Um, What?

One of my students called me "hon" today.

He's an older guy (I've got half a class full of TAA students, as I've said) and I'm finding it hard to be really upset about it, and I'm certainly not going to give him a hard time over it, given that I don't actually think he meant any harm by it -- I was helping him sort his TAA paperwork out, and he just said, "Thanks, hon," on his way out, but, well.

Really. Is that something that would get said to a male professor? Ever?

Or anything equivalent?

"Thanks, sport?"

I'm thinking not.


Anonymous said...

As long as it doesn't happen again, let it go.

I once patted my own father on the butt with a hug of greeting because I hadn't hugged anyone but my husband for a few months and I forgot myself. It was an awkward moment we both chose to let pass, as quickly as possible! I even ran my hand down the back of a total stranger in a crowded restaurant once because I thought my husband was the one standing so close to me. I apologized while getting the raised eyebrow from his wife. He just laughed and said he enjoyed the hell out of it. I realized I need to pay more attention.

Things happen. If they happen again with this student, I'd say something then.


zelda1 said...

One of my professors called me sweetie. Really! I looked at him, he at me, and we both shook our heads and walked away.