Monday, July 14, 2008

Logic Failure

I'm attempting to teach my 1213 students to recognize logical fallacies when they meet them in the wild. In case you ever attempt the same, here's fair warning: any example with gayness in it will cause their logical thinking circuits to short out.

Or at least that is the case here in Pork Smith.


Sugared Harpy said...

Oh, lordy. I imagine at least half my students would have the same issue. We're a slight bit more progressive here, with St. Louis being so close...but sooooo many have never left their little neighborhood.

zelda1 said...

It's really hard to get the freshmen to think period. They are so used to being told what to think and how to think that when you actually tell them you want to know what they think, they look around as if they are being ask to give their parents' lifesavings. Good analogy.