Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer II

Back from my tiny break & teaching the 2nd half of Summer Session -- two sections of Comp II, once again mainly filled with TAA students (Trade Adjustment Assistance, part of NAFTA, that, for our students, who have seen their factory jobs outsourced, is giving them tuition and unemployment bennies while they go to school): good students, mainly.

Meanwhile, I had a good Fourth. We spent it up in Fayetteville, where half my family had landed. My parents are spending hurricane season there and my youngest brother, along with his wife and their new baby, and my two nephews, were all visiting. We had ribs and pies and later mr. delagar and I drove home through the Boston Mountains in the earilest bit of night, while every town in every valley we passed shot off its fireworks show. It was perfectly lovely.


zelda1 said...

My summer I kids were Japanese and atheletes. The Japanese were excellent students.

How are your parents liking their new digs?

delagar said...

So far it is only my mother staying there ful-time, but she seems to like Fayetteville. The kid is spending plenty of time with her, which helps.

tonkelu said...

Hooray for fireworks, BBQ and a rousing game of Pass the Baby. At least I assumed you did the latter. Personally, I can't keep my hands off babies. They're just too squishy and sweet...I must smother them with kisses!

When are you coming to KC???

delagar said...

Oh, yes, the baby was the best part! The kid settled next to me at one part & says, wistfully, "Sarah makes me so *happy*! Why *is* that?"