Thursday, September 21, 2006

Winter Comes

When the kid was little, not yet two years old, one of her favorite books was Angus Lost, by Majorie Flack. She had it memorized, I swear. She couldn't actually read yet, but she would sit and turn the pages and recite the thing, word by word: "When winter came, Angwus gwew tiward of the same howse and the same cat and the same yawd and all the same things he knew all about. (Turns page) So one day Angwus went out onto the (pause) WIDE WODE!"

All of this to say that -- yay! Winter is coming.

And I am glad.

After a summer when we had, I swear, six or seven weeks when the temperature broke 102 every single day, I am more glad than usual, and I am always glad when winter comes.

It is gray and windy and chill here now. Leaves are blowing. Rain happens often. We sleep with the windows open. I am hoping for no more long hot spells, though I know, from history, we will likely get at least one. This Friday is Rosh Hashanah, which the kid and I subvert slightly, by doing our annual winter dance afterwards, on the banks of the Arkansas River (we go down to the river to throw the bread in the water for Rosh Hashanah, and on the way back up, the kid and I do the winter dance to bring winter on faster, and mr. delagar looks very pained, because how can I pollute his religion that way?) and maybe that will help.

Here's hoping.


zelda1 said...

I am always happy to see the end of summer. This one, especially, has been hard. The heat is getting more difiicult to handle and seems so heavy. The other morning, I was on my way to the Ancient Greek class, and the air was so light, I barely got short of breath. I can't wait for cold and bitter winds and ice and snow and days without sunshine. I would thrive in the nothern states where winters are long and summer is short. My friend, who lives in up state New York, keeps trying to get me to move there and she promises me nothing but cool and cold weather. I should go, maybe when I am finished with school, maybe there's a school there that will have me. For now, I'm just so fucking happy it's cooling off and all that green is leaving.

Bardiac said...

I am weeping. I hate the cold.

Trade winters with you!