Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Conversation at the delagar Household

The Kid: Mama, what makes you go goozey inside?

Me: Ah. Goozey? You mean, like, all warm and fuzzy?

The Kid: Right.

Me: (pleased, b/c, you know, I KNOW the right answer to this one, which is an important thing, for us feral children): "You do, sweetness. When I think about my sweet baby, I get all goozy inside."

The Kid: Oh.

(Apparently this was NOT the right answer.)

Me: Um. What makes you go goozy inside?

The Kid: I was talking to Katy. You know. At school? What makes HER go goozy inside is baby rabbits.

Me: Oh, is it?

The Kid: Yep.

Me: And what makes you goozy?

The Kid: Wolves.

Me: Wolves. I like wolves too.

The Kid: Wolves feedin their babies...

Me: Mmm...

The Kid (with such an expression of sweetness on her face, you would not believe it)...feeding their babies regurgitated baby rabbits. I totally love that.


zelda1 said...

Oh my, she is so like, well, like me. Regurgitated baby rabbit, ewww, shall I ask, was the fur still on it and the little pink nose and pink eyes and soft little feet? Oh my, wolf feeding their young. Oh, that's like, well, the best, all gooey inside. Yep, that's me right now.

jo(e) said...

I am laughing aloud. I can just picture the whole conversation.

Looks like you might have a wildlife biologist in the family ....