Saturday, September 30, 2006

What, now?

Cruising the Winger blogs, I'm given to understand that torture and the suspension of habeas corpus is no big deal and we should not be worried because it is "only" going to be done to non-citizens.

First of all, what?

Second, WHAT?

Did I wake up in Nazi Germany this morning?

And also, while we're on this point, are you idiots high?

This is not "America where we only protect the rights of some individuals," is it? The last time I checked it wasn't. This is not America where "some people are equal and others we can lock up and torture if we feel like it," is it?

Or well, you know, wait. I guess now it is, isn't it?

Yay, Bush.

As I was saying -- the terrorists won. We're now them.

Carry on, you fucking beasts.

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zelda1 said...

Didn't you know, America has always been one of them. Look what we did during WWII, it was Americans who were forced into those camps, their property taken, their buisnesses, and for what, they were Americans. Look what we did to the Navajos, and have you see the reservation where they live, and drive through the Cherokee Nation, see how those folks live, and who put them there, duh, we did. Then there are the slaves, not even up for discussion at the terror that we put them through and how after slavery, for years, even now, they were lynched, raped, and burned, oh and they were Americans. Then there are the children that we allow rapists fathers to molests and send the children right back to them, women who haven't had the right to vote for long, but look how little time we actually had control of our bodies, or did we? Women, or some women, still suffer at the hands of abusive men and are stuck in a system where if they get out of it, where do they go. This is America, home of the brave and land of the free, I don't see no stinking free, not here in this country.