Monday, September 18, 2006


I'm over here on Dooce, and it's this post on deal-breakers, and I'm reading it, thinking to myself, hmm, I ain't think I have any deal-breakers, do I?

I mean, I've done married mr. delagar anyway, and it's no way I'm divorcing him, because I am not going back to dating, not going through all *that* again, uh-uh, never, so it's a moot question, son, but just if it came up, I don't think I do have deal-breakers.

But then I start reading the comments, here:

And sure, yes. I wouldn't do a Republican, that's true.

Because who would?

And yes, I agree. Gold teeth? Yick.

And yes, all right, being rude to waitstaff, I couldn't do a guy like that.

And I'm with Dooce. If he said, "Homosexuals are stupid," or anything like that, yes, that would be that for Mr. Idiot.

But some of these other objections?

No liars or thieves?

No bad grammar? No cussing? No atheists or agnostics? No tattoos? No small hands?

Good shit, dudes. If you don't date liars and thieves, who do you plan to date?

I'm just saying.

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zelda1 said...

I absolutely would never date a man who had those holes in his ear, not little holes but those stretched out holes. NO WAY. And, I wouldn't date a man who wears tight pants, nope, not attractive, although, Mr. Zelda's are getting a little tight due to his expanding waist and belly line. I could never date a man who never reads, or doesn't like good movies, or won't consider going to the theater, and never would I date a man that uses any form of tobacco. gold teeth, nope, pierced parts, nope, long hair, yep, I could go there, but not if he had a huge bald spot and used the long hair to conceal, noway. I'm just glad I don't have to do that and even if Mr. Zelda was gone, like dead or we divorced, hmm, I wouldn't date men ever again. I might date a woman, not like a sexual date but women are so much more fun than men. OH, or a nice homosexual, I would date a male homosexual. No more heterosexual men, for sure.