Sunday, June 04, 2006


If I believed in hell -- which as you know I don't -- but if I did:

There would be a special circle for those who are rude to waitresses.

And folks who don't tip? They'd be buried head-down in that circle.

That is all.


zelda1 said...

I so agree. My mom was a waitress for a while and every Christmas Eve she had to work at the greasy truck stop and she would take my serial killer brother and my spoiled rotten sister and me to work with her. We sat at the counter and watched her work so hard and flirt with the truck drivers to get tips, tips that would feed us for a few days. And sometimes, a snotty couple would come in and the woman would have too much make up on and a lot of bling bling and perfect teeth and the man would look at my mom when he thought ms bling bling wasn't looking and she, ms. bling bling would send things back and roll her eyes at my mom and when they were finished, he, the man would leave a tiny tip on the table but under the plate there would be a larger tip, not always and not every couple, but the majority. My mom knew these people, they were locals who frequented the truck stop for home cooked greasy food. Anyway, there is one thing I learned, never be mean to waitresses, secretaries, or nurses, they have a secret power that can be not so good, but it's also the right thing to do, be nice that is.

Mouse said...

Unless I'm just too poor, I like to leave an extra tip when I'm part of a large group. I know that the tip is figured into the bill for such groups, but I still feel the need to add because, let's face it, ppl can be demanding and sometimes, I need to make up for someone else being a pain and, occasionally, myself.