Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm Writing & Writing

Which is why the blog posts are so NOT political -- sorry -- I've been just not paying enough attention to give you sufficient insight on world events. But hop over to Pandagon, or Twisty, where things are smoking -- the politics of blowjobs, among others things, no less* -- or Diane at Dees, as always, has excellent posts up:

Me, I can only tell you about movies. mr. delagar and I went to the movies again yesterday. This is because the kid is still with her grandparents and if we want to see movies that are not about cartoon fish we can only do that while the kid is visiting the grandparents, so.

We saw the one with Jack Black, Nacho something. I forget. It was a highly forgettable movie. I only went because mr. delagar loves Jack Black to pieces and that sort of movie to pieces and well, it was a movie. Sunday afternoon equals movies in my mind, like Sunday morning equals church in the minds of many.

The bit I started in to blog about, though, was one of the previews: for a movie called Invincible. No exclamation point, though how they restrained themselves I cannot say.

When I first met mr. delagar -- I think I might have mentioned this once or twice already -- he carried a football around in the trunk of his car. All the time. Everywhere he went. After we had been going out for about six months, and it was getting annoying -- that football took up a surprising amount of space -- I asked if we couldn't lose the football.

"No," he said, with perfect seriousness. "Because the Eagles might stop me by the side of the road some day and want me to try out. And I'll need it."

Now, with the preview for this movie Invincible, I see where this, ah, obsession came from.

Apparently, this actually happened (sort of) to a guy one time. When mr. delagar was but a pup. And he has never gotten over it.

We're sitting there in the movie theater yesterday and this preview started running? He gasps. Like someone has stabbed him. "Oh, no," he says. In pain. He watches the preview transfixed. And when we get home? He goes to the website and watches the trailer over and over. It's not opening to August, this movie. He can't wait that long.

And he doesn't even like football, mr. delagar. We don't even watch it.

I am so puzzled.

*My favorite bit from one of Twisty's posts, btw: "I’d forgotten that when it comes to sex, it is the duty of the radical feminist to shut the fuck up."

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CB said...

The movie is Nacho Libre. I was thinking about seeing it, a waste o time I suppose.

Oh did you know that we can get the word of the day from on our homepage for the school?

Yah, for reals, right there on the page with the announcements and all. Yup