Thursday, June 22, 2006


Watched Freedomland on DVD last night while mr. delagar kept falling asleep -- he was the one who rented it from Netflix and who wanted to watch it, but he'd been up since three, working on his French (he has to pass his language comps next week if he's going to progress in his Ph.D. and he has to progress in his Ph.D. if he's going to keep his assistantship and he has to keep his assistantship if we're going to keep paying rent, well, you know how that dance goes, where was I? Right -- watching Freedomland) --anyway, I was meant to be grading papers for my HEL class, but he begged me to watch Freedomland with him because we NEVER do anything together anymore because I am ALWAYS working or writing or doing research (Captives and Cousins came and I am deep in that these days) so anyway, off I went to watch it with him and he promptly fell asleep -- after, mind you, whining for the first fifteen minutes of the movie about how horrible it was going to be. Seems he had been reading reviews. Seems the reviews said it sucked.

"Fuck up, will you?" I told him finally. "I'm actually enjoying it, and I'd like to keep on enjoying it."

I did, too.

I've been cruising around the blogs this morning, and most people who have blogged about the movie also hate it. The reasons they give don't match and don't make sense to me. I Have My Suspicions about the actual reasons people don't like this movie -- I don't think I'll go into them here. I'll just say it's an interesting and lovely movie (which was one of mr. delagar's complaints before he fell asleep, btw -- "I wish they'd spent less time making it pretty and more time making it a movie --" This was like four minutes into the fucking thing, so where he got off with that shit, I would like to know --) and well worth the trip.

Though Jackson did go on a bit now and again. I will admit that. The whole thing he does where he testifies, that also isn't my thing. But hey. Everything doesn't have to be my thing.

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Thivai Abhor said...

Thanks Delgar--I had been scared away from watching it b/c of negative reviews--I'll give it a try.