Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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And read this:

When the boys were smaller I made certain assumptions. I assumed they cried and made noise for a reason. I assumed they didn’t know or cared when mommy needed quiet, or a drink. I assumed they didn’t know how to eat at a dinner table unless I helped them and showed them the rules/customs. I assumed they needed to feel good to behave well. I assumed they had not been through the years I have and therefore, didn’t know everything like I do. I assumed I needed to provide guidance, love, and to help them meet boundaries. I assumed they were children.

Somewhere down the line I threw my assumptions into a McDonald’s drive-thru window and started expecting my eleven and ten-year-old sons to act like adults. Naturally, I was irritated that they didn’t automatically meet my expectations out at dinner with friends. I was irritated that they couldn’t anticpate when I would find a particular noise so annoying my nerves would glow an intense red. I was irritated they played with toys, laughed, sang, or ran around the house when I WAS WORKING MY GOD STOP I’M WORKING RIGHT NOW CAN’T YOU SEE I’M WORKING!


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Mouse said...

I ain't raising no babies, but amen!

zelda1 said...

You know, I never felt that. I mean, I never got irritated when my kids acted like kids. My friends, on the other hand, were always snapping at their children. Today the Baby has been exceptionally childlike, and not one bit adult like. His running and jumping and crying and laughing and grabbing has made Mr. Zelda very irritable, and while I am irritated, I just go with the flow but I've noticed that flow isn't as flowing as it used to be. Thank the gods for xanax.